29 jun 2022

LOOMIS. books


Stanley Loomis (21 December 1922 – 19 December 1972) was the author of four books on French history

Du Barry (1959): a story “told with brilliance and an admirable sense for comedy. Her later years are, fittingly enough, related in a more mellow, nostalgic key…Entertained at first, then moved, the reader, after the admirable final paragraph, is left pensive. Few books are published of which this could be said.”[9]

Paris in the Terror (1964): “Stanley Loomis describes massacres, conspiracies and confrontations with eloquence and power. He is fascinating in his remarks about the plight of the impoverished rural nobility, 'pedigreed peasants,' about the homicidal mania of Marat and his followers, about the clash of personalities in the shadow of the guillotine. And he regularly drops wise, cynical or provocative remarks."[10] ISBN 0-88029-401-9

A Crime of Passion (1967): “As a historian, Mr. Loomis has reconstructed for us an impeccable period piece and he has been artful, depositing his poisoned knowledge sparingly here and there, in bringing his story to a flood: the technique of 'The Turn of the Screw.'”[11] ISBN 0-340-04474-8

The Fatal Friendship (1972): “The hallmark of his writing, in this as in his previous book on Paris during the Terror, is fairness. He never stretches a fact to suit a thesis. He never chooses among conflicting interpretations the one that will best advance his narrative … These qualities of measure and restraint contribute to the persuasiveness of his account.”[12] ISBN 0-931933-33-1


22 may 2022



La Sociedad como la familia

no es solo una colección de individuos

viviendo juntos al azar

Para funcionar en la industria, la política y la sociedad

ambas deben tener una estructura

y distinguir entre los que toman decisiones

y los que las llevan a término

los que marcan el camino y los que los siguen

Estas decisiones marcan la posición

y quien las determina es siempre es 

una mujer.-

Hercule Poirot

El Testamento desaperecido.- 



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